Water Testing

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Testing the quality of the water supply to your new home is an impotent factor to consider before purchasing a new property. Poor quality water can deliver short term effects such as stomach aches, headaches and diarrhea, as well as much more serious health issues that can take years to develop. We offer a full water testing service as part of our home inspections to check if your water is fully safe to drink and bathe. We can quickly establish if your water supply contains excessive levels of minerals, pollutants or harmful bacteria. Water testing should never be overlooked during any home inspection. The cost of home inspection will also leave you pleasantly surprised. An investment that will also deliver reassurance that you and your family are drinking a healthy supply of great water.

What do you look for when Water Testing?
There can be many pollutants present in water, these often can’t be seen, and can’t even be tasted. Tiny nitrates or microbes can cause both short term and long term sickness and should be avoided. Our home inspection process will identify these! The presence of metals can also be dangerous to health. Traces of iron, zinc, or even copper can have serious effects in high concentration. Lead levels should also be checked during every water testing program. We will also test to see how “hard” your water is. Hard water is caused by the presence of a high level of minerals, although not believed to be dangerous, it can cause other problems. Descaling the kettle and taps will become a more frequent job and can be annoying!

Can my Plumbing affect the quality of my Water?
Our home inspector pro will always check the quality of your plumbing provision during all home inspections. Corroded or rusty pipework is extremely likely to be affecting the quality of your drinking water. They can even change the color and smell of your water! Replacement of old and damaged pipes can lead to a quick return to receiving healthy and clean water once more. We will always advise you if this is a sensible option. Early identification can also provide you with the option to include pipework replacement within the property negotiations. Whenever you need a home inspection you should always insist on water testing to be included. Delaware County Home Inspection Services are a leading and high quality company that will always suggest this as a standard inclusion.

What can I do if the Water is of a poor quality?
There are many excellent water purification methods available to ensure you have a healthy and safe water supply. Water filtration is an excellent choice to remove excess sediment or contamination. Passing the water through a carbon filter or gauze can be easily fitted by a plumbing professional. Poor water quality does not mean that you should pull out of the deal, but it does need to be corrected. Living with poor water is definitely not a great option for your future health!