Termite Inspections

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Termites are a serious problem when present in our homes and can be extremely destructive. Wooden furniture and fittings can all be completely destroyed if left untreated. A termite inspection can be a highly cost effective process and should be carried out every several years. Ignoring them can be a highly expensive decision! All of our Delaware County Home Inspectors are highly experienced in identifying the presence of termites in our homes and businesses, including the early signs of any infestation. Your property will be fully inspected for any indication of termite activity, early identification can save you from an unnecessary and costly bill!

Are Termites a big problem in Delaware County?
Termites are a big problem throughout America, perhaps with the exception of Alaska. A termite is a cold blooded insect that loves warm climates. Delaware County offers a fairly warm climate most of the year, perfect for termites to flourish. Even on the coldest of winter days they will often remain perfectly unharmed due to their location within your wooden furniture or fittings. Exposure to freezing conditions will often see them die, but they are very resilient! If you experience flying termites in your property, this could be an ominous sign of potential problems to come. A termite inspection would be always recommended. Our home inspectors will always identify if your property (or potential property) has an issue with termites. If so a professional insect termination service will be your best option.

What damage can Termites cause?
Termites can cause immense damage to our homes. All wood is a potential target, as well as wall paper and painted surfaces. The damage is created by the insects burrowing below the surface and slowly consuming their chosen structure. If they are left to carry on you can quickly see your property disappear, or at the very least become damaged and weakened. Damage caused to wooden joints and supporting structures can be a particular problem and will always be checked. All of our home termite inspections are carried out by highly experienced and knowledgeable home inspectors. If they are there we will find them! 

Termite Inspections before the purchase of a new Property

Prior to any new property purchase a termite inspection is crucial to ensuring your new home is termite free. It is also a requirement for all FHA home inspections as well as the majority of home insurance companies. Some will also require the history of any previous infestations. If you’re looking to invest in a new property we can deliver the full service at a great home inspection cost.

What areas will you check during Termite Inspections?
It is important to check all areas of your property. Floorboards, baseboards, doorframes, termites love them all! Your roofing structure can also be a favorite place, especially for dry wood termites. Damage to any roofing joists or supporting timbers can lead to serious structural issues, and can be expensive to repair. Stairs and cupboards can also be highly desirable for a termite, we will check them all!