Mold Testing and Sampling

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Mold in our homes can be very unpleasant. Not only is it unsightly, it can also create a musty and damp smell that can easily transfer into our soft furnishings, carpets, and even our clothes and bedding. Our property inspector will search for the presence of mold throughout the building, as well of any signs of previous occurrences. Some sellers can unfortunately be dishonest and clean visible signs from walls and cupboards before an inspection, but you can be sure that it will quickly return. We can also test for microspores within the air, if these are found in high levels you can be sure mold will soon be coming your way.

How common is Mold?
Mold is a highly common problem in our homes. Bathrooms and kitchens are areas often affected due to the presence of steam and moisture. Bedrooms can also be an issue from the moisture in our breathing. It can also be due to more serious structural problems. Cracks in external walls, leaking pipes or roofs can all be the culprit and will need repair. Our home inspectors can quickly trace any signs of mold, and can often identify the source. We can also provide you with the perfect advice to prevent mold from returning with our home inspection tips. 
Delaware County Home Inspection Services cares about your wellbeing and will always provide you with a comprehensive report regarding the presence of any mold in your new property.

What does Mold Testing and Sampling involve?
The testing and sampling of mold is an important process that should be conducted before any removal process begins. Mold can become deeply embedded within the walls etc. Simply washing it off is unlikely to provide a long term solution. Our home inspection team can provide mold testing and sampling to identify the particular strain of mold. Identifying the type of mold present can provide considerable help when choosing the most effective way to tackle it. Our home inspector pro can take a sample of the mold which can then be sent for testing.

Mold and the Effects on our Health
A home inspection should always look to ensure that your new property is a safe and healthy place to live. The discovery of mold can have a serious detrimental effect. Mold and dampness can cause breathing problems as well as coughs and colds. Buying a property with a serious dampness issue should be considered wisely. Our team of expert home inspectors know how serious a mold problem can be. Discovering any signs of mold is always a top priority for us.

Mold Testing for Vendors
Whenever you are looking to sell a property you will obviously be aware that mold is likely to deter many potential buyers, or drive down the price considerably! We can provide a first class mold testing and sampling service to establish the root cause of the problem. Mold testing and sampling can be included as part of a full home inspection, or as a stand alone service.