Lead Paint Testing

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Lead was a common additive in paint during the 1960s and 70s, used to create a quick drying and durable surface. It also created an extremely moisture resistant barrier that will last for many years. In more recent years the presence of lead has been discovered to cause serious health problems. Lead paint will not normally be a problem if undamaged. Flaking or peeling lead paint can however pose a risk. Our home inspectors will always check for the presence of lead paint and assess its condition to ensure your property is a safe environment. Damaged lead paint should always be removed by professionals. Attempting to remove it yourself can be very hazardous to your health! Your property inspector has all the latest equipment available to test if lead is present in your paintwork. Many older properties will have!

Selling a House with Lead Paint

If you are selling a property that you know has lead paint, you are legally obliged to disclose this knowledge. If you are not sure then lead paint testing is highly recommended, being fully informed can avoid later legal problems. Delaware County Home Inspection Services can take surface samples of your paintwork and quickly test it for the presence of lead. A visual inspection will also establish if it is likely to be a risk to you or your family’s health.

Buying a House with Lead Paint
Whenever you are considering purchasing a new property it is essential to know if lead paint is present. As the paint gets older it can flake or peel, this can be a big danger to your health! A professional removal should be considered, and maybe form part of the purchase contract. Our home inspector pro can fully inspect your potential new property and offer advice on the best steps forward. Lead paint testing should always be included in any house inspection when considering a new home investment. Call us today to book a lead paint testing appointment with one of our home inspection experts!

What are the Dangers from Lead Paint?
Lead is not a substance that our bodies can deal with. It can cause damage to our brains and central nervous systems, and should definitely be avoided. Damaged lead paint can release tiny particles into the air which can be breathed in or ingested. This is particularly dangerous for young children and pregnant women. Excessive lead exposure in young children can lead to behavioral problems and learning difficulties. Many home inspection companies fail to test for lead paint, Delaware County Home Inspection Services know how important this is and will always include it in any home inspection.

Can I Remove Lead Paint Myself?
If your lead paint testing reveals a problem it should be dealt with by the experts! Grinding, peeling, or the use of paint strippers can all release dangerous airborne particles that can easily be ingested. One of our home inspectors will always be happy to provide you with the best advice if removal is the best option.