Home Inspections

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A home inspection service is vital before entering into any binding contract. The purchase of a new property is likely to be a considerable investment. Knowing exactly what you are agreeing to buy is essential. Our home inspectors will make sure this is achieved! Following your home inspection you will receive a full and detailed report of the property’s condition. This is invaluable when negotiating the purchase price, or even to decide whether to go ahead with the deal at all! Buyer or seller, a home inspection will provide all the crucial information needed.
FHA Home Inspection

An FHA loan is a great choice for many people. Part of the requirements to receive an FHA loan will always involve a home inspection. HUD (U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development) will need to know that the property is in a sound and healthy state before issuing any such loan. The structural integrity of the building, as well as the foundations and roofing will all need to be checked to ensure that they are in a safe and strong condition. All of our home inspectors are fully qualified and licensed to carry out full and professional FHA home inspections.
Home Inspection Tips
When you book the services of a property inspector you are likely to want the property to be in great condition. Any problems can seriously hinder the chances of selling, or from receiving the price you were hoping to receive. Our team of experts can offer a range of house inspection tips to prepare your property and to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day. This is a vital service for sellers, as well as buyers looking to receive a loan for their new property. As part of our initial consultation process we can provide you with excellent advice to prepare your property. Simply give us a call, we are here to help!
What does a Home Inspection look for?
All home inspectors will seek to establish the overall condition of any property, and many factors are involved. The structural condition of all outer, and inner walls will be tested. Electrical and plumbing system’s functionality will need to be found in a safe and working order. The structure of the roof, as well as the foundations are also an important part of any home inspection. Water testing, as well as radon testing will also be conducted to ensure that your new home will be a safe and healthy place to live. If mold is present we can also perform a full mold testing and sampling service.
Commercial Inspections
In addition to our residential service we also have vast experience in delivering commercial property inspections. New home or new business premises, you need to be sure your new building is in a good condition and fit for purpose. Our property inspection service can deliver you with a complete and detailed commercial building inspection. All of our property inspections come with a full and detailed written report. Call us for more details.